Panglao Escapades

One afternoon, I sat on the open terrace with three friends waiting for our lunch to be served. My eyes were gazing at Bohol’s clear blue sea.The wind freely blowing seems to push the sea to the white powdery beach and the coconut trees dance with its invisible rhyme. I touted, “I’ll be back here and do some writing“.

I was thinking then of writing my dissertation. But, I found myself escaping to Panglao with my mama and my eldest sister, as tourists once again. Too bad, we came when the tide was high and we were in the wrong resort for a swim. They could have at least set their foot on the white sands of the island and dip in its pristine clear waters.

The waters of the Bohol sea in Panglao reminds me of a dream I had once. It is like the exact copy of the backdrop in that colorful dream of mine: Blue waters romancing the clear sky where their boundaries are indescernible. That was the place where I saw myself dressed in white flowing long-sleeved shirt and trousers, on board a small boat without sail, moving towards the sun and shaded by a single white cottony cloud.

Panglao is a diver’s and swimmer’s fantasy, if I’d associate it to the dream I had years back before I got there. Coves, cliffs, long and wide beaches dot the island. It is but a few minutes drive off Tagbilaran. The island which is composed of 80% coral and 20%soil is richly covered by trees of all sorts and some farm fields. This island in the southern tip of Bohol is a fitting escape from the city. Dolphin watching, snorkling, diving and island hopping are some of the things you should try in Panglao.

In my first escape to the island, we spent the day in Bohol Diver’s Club Resort. It offers a more budget-friendly accomodation for local travellers. From Tagbilaran town proper we hired a tricycle to take us to the resort and pick us up in the afternoon. If you are coming for some real luxury you can book at its several high-end resorts such as Ananyana, Alona Palm Beach Resort, Eskaya, Panglao Island Nature’s Resort and Spa, Panglao Blue Waters Resorts.

We escaped to Panglao for a swim and we did enjoy its clear waters, the sun and its powdery white sand. Our day was worth spent: we waded and swam in the sea in the morning, dipped in the resorts pool for an hour before lunch, had our lunch at a restaurant’s terrace feasting on seafood and grilled meat, and played UNO the rest of the afternoon. What we missed though was to visit it other must see places and seeing the sun set from the island. But that doesn’t mean we did not enjoy the scenery along the road.

This year, after some searches in online resources, I was able to take my mom and sister for a half-day tour of the island. On a tricycle we hired for P500 we got to see almost half of it, except for enjoying Panglao waters and meeting Boyoyoy. Our first stop was at Hinagdanan Cave. Then we crossed a rough road in Bgy. Tinago going to Bohol Bee Farm. I thought of swimming here, but the tide is really high and the waves are raging. We had the tour of the farm instead, and had pizza for supper (I love their cheesy seafood pizza!), which was super filling that we didn’t even have dinner anymore. Our last stop was at Dauis Church, because by the time we left the resort, Bayoyoy, Bohol’s dwarfed 72 year old man is retiring for the day at 5:00 PM.

Tagbilaran City does not have much to offer tourists and travellers, except that it has a number of malls for your shopping splurge, and dining areas to try Boholono cuisuine. So, an escape to Panglao is a must once you’re done with your visit to St. Joseph Church, the town plaza, the old municipal hall and the museum beside it., but you can do these also coming from Panglao. It is advised by some travellers for backpackers and those in tight-budget, to stay in Tagbilaran and just a spend a day in Panglao.

Other Must See Places in Panglao:


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