Dropping by Danao Lake in Camotes Islands

Danao lake in Cebu’s Camotes Islands has a story which Filipino married couples can learn from. The curse of a couple’s fight brought the heavens to turn them into islets turning each others faces away in two ends at the middle of the lake. Aside from this story, Danao lake is a serene natural beauty where you can spend some time in your visit to Cebu.

The small mountains, of San Francisco in Camotes Islands found off the northwest seas of Cebu, form the walls that hide the lake. In the middle of the lake are two islets which folklore refers to Isyong and Isyang. Our short stop to Danao like gave us time to rest in our short inland roadtrip in Camotes, before we head back to Cebu City.

Like the lakewater, the place was calm with only us and a couple visiting. I find it conducive for reading if alone or just simple romancing with a partner. Except for the two vendors, and the boat attendants, no one else were there in our visit during off-peak season. We were lucky that there was not much a crowd when we got there, that it gave us complete solitude.

Aside from taking pictures at the park, you can rent a boat for 500, for ten people and sail around the islets and the other side of the lake. The lake has a coral bed, and some areas in the lake’s bed are just white, that in the mid-afternoon sun, there are instances that the lake’s shallow areas appear green. The water is fresh and sweet and is an ideal place for a swim. There is also a park in the area where you can hold crocodiles by their mouth.

You won’t find a restaurant in the park. I guess, this is good so as not to spoil the lake’s water with the sewage. The best thing you can do in your outdoor escape to Danao lake is to have a picnic. Pack your lunch and snacks and just lay back. The wide lawned space is also ideal for some outdoor sports like volleyball or badminton. But above this, do not forget to try their fried cassava wrap with latik. Oh! It was really yummy.

The road is good for your convenient access to Danao, ask the locals for some direction. There are no means for public commute, though. So, if you are travelling without a private car, you can rent a motorcycle for a day near the resorts or hire a mutlicab. The price for a multicab day tour of San Francisco is P1,500, but you can haggle for P1,000, ask for a lower price, but there are just a handful of tricycles plying the island (only 2, according to Mang Lito).

Don’t expect so much adventure when your in Danao, that is not the place for it. It is a place to relax, enjoy the lakewater and the fresh air in its green sorroundings. We’ll you can maybe with volleyball, badminton or some snorkling gears. Serenity is that moment of calm, peace and solitude, you’ll find it there a plenty in Danao Lake in the island of San Francisco, Camotes Cebu.


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