About Filipinessence

Being a Filipino is a phenomenon to explore, just like our country. A lifetime may not be enough to see what the Philippines has in terms of its people, places and events.

Since I started this blog last year, I noticed how low its reading rate is. Though there are people who appreciate the use of Filipino for this blog, readership is not that wide as compared to my other blogs. So, I decided to shift gears a bit, simply because I’m proud of my country, my nationality and everything that has to do with being a Filipino. To reach the wide online community in the world, I will be posting in English then.

With that, I may be able to reach the world and tell how fun it is in the Philippines as I begin my journey to know more about me, my fellows and my own country. Happy reading and happy travelling with me.

[ORIGINAL DESCRIPTION: Isang penomenolohiya ang Pilipino. Tayo ay may mayamang kultura, makulay na kasaysayan, maigting na pagmamahal sa ating bayan at pagpapahalaga sa kapwa at buhay. Ito ang sakop at saklaw ng blog na ito para sa Pilipino sa buong mundo at sa mga interesadong aralin ang buhay, kultura at kasaysayan ng Pilipino, mula sa pananaw at lapit ng isang simpleng mamamayang Pilipino. Tao, lugar at pangyayari (TLP) ang nais kong pagtuunan ng pansin.]


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